Cheese & Ghee

Best quality Paneer and Ghee is Manufactured at Chitalkar Dairy. We produce pure form of Paneer and Ghee. We offer our range at market leading prices.

  • Paneer

    Good paneer can be made from milk which contains 5 % more fat than normal milk. Therefore, buffalo milk is more suitable for preparing paneer.Paneer is the most popular form of cheese that is prepared in Indian homes and used generously in cooking and confectioneries like rosogullas and sandesh.

    Quantity Produced

    1. 500 gm

    2. 200 gm

    3. 100 gm

  • Ghee

    Ghee (pronounced GEE with a hard G) is the pure butterfat left over after the milk solids and water are removed from butter. It's used widely in Indian cooking, and the word ghee is the Hindi word for fat. Ghee might as well be a synonym for clarified butter, although there is one slight difference.

    Quantity Produced

    1. 1000 ml

    2. 500 ml

    3. 200 ml